Nike Sb X Carpet Company

There’s a German idiom claiming that having an ax at home will save the carpenter. A praise of DIY, the saying was coined by poet and proto-emo Friedrich Schiller; it’s still widely accepted that sweat and discipline will enable anyone to repair (or produce) anything. Not us, though. The above-mentioned ax would only save us the amputation surgeon. Two brothers, however, have made a name for themselves doing everything themselves: the habibis from Carpet Company. With obsessive abandon, Ayman and Osama Abdeldayem create decks and apparel at home: every board, every shirt is screen-printed by hand in their Baltimore basement. Naturally, manual labor yields fewer numbers, but it also results in a personal product. Recently, Ayman and Osama got the chance to create a Dunk High that accounts for both Carpet’s DIY spirit and the established Dunk eclecticism: the Carpet Company x Nike SB Dunk High despite being of relatively conservative design, oozes with detail upon closer inspection. The shoe features the company’s star-shaped logo on the heel, custom insoles, and a Carpet print on the outsole whose varying location makes each pair unique. By the way, the upper material is removable again, what’s underneath? Let yourself be surprised! Now, Carpet Company ain’t your run-of-the-mill skate brand, meaning it’s not widely available. In fact, we’re one of the few European shops that offer their products. Expect the Carpet Company x Nike SB Dunk Highs to be in high demand. So read the raffle rules intimately. Two eyes and a brain will save Martin a therapist. 

The shoe is only available if you are one of the lucky ones and win our Instagram raffle. Follow our Instagram account @bonkers_frankfurt to be the first to get all the information about upcoming Raffles.