Recently, it seems that skateboarding has sort of lost its silliness, and instead has given way to a weird kind of edgy coolness. It’s almost like there’s capital punishment waiting for everyone looking like they’re having fun on a skateboard. However, as long as there are companies like WKND around, fun in skateboarding will never die – seriously, they’re videos are full of so much bullshit it’s hard not to get hyped for skating. Now, LA-based WKND have received support from one of the largest players in the skate biz, Nike SB, to create a signature version of the Blazer. It’s a sleek-looking shoe made from premium leather and was inspired by “playing ball on sand,” which we’re guessing must be baseball or softball or volleyball or maybe basketball for idiots. We have no idea why, but it’s cool with us and we can’t wait to go skating in these beauties. You can buy the Nike SB x WKND Blazer both online and at our store in Frankfurt.