Numbers Edition 6

Numbers has made a habit of creating deck art in collaboration with up-and-coming artists, and their new collection is no exception. This time around, Numbers has partnered with painter and sculptor Greg Ito one the one hand, and with photographer Motoyuki Daifu on the other, resulting in a high-contrast series of decks: while Greg Ito makes use of powerful, luminous colors and a simplified drawing style, Motoyuki Daifu’s photos function as a chaotic counterpoint. Whereas Greg Ito illustrates little scenes – a blimp about to crash onto a burning house, for instance – Motoyuki Daifu’s flash-heavy photography highlights intimate moments from his home – food, cutlery, everyday objects – in spontaneous arrangements. In short, Greg Ito’s art is a more abstract approach at visual storytelling, removing the viewer from what’s on the canvas, while Daifu’s photography moves into the other direction, rendering almost palpable the items he portrays. You can buy the new Numbers Editions Edition 6 decks (and a bunch of new t-shirts) at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.