Öctagon Fall 17

You gotta give it to Öctagon: they’re rather uncompromising. From their dystopian narrative spun around an all-seing, all-knowing system-machine, to the unflinching skating of the Öctagon team (you absolutely have to watch their video “Meta”), to Öctagon’s overall aesthetic defined by sharp geometry and the ultimate contrast of black and white,  the Paris-based brand has proven time and again that doing your own thing pays off in the end. Öctagon’s new collection offers the brand’s familiar razor-sharp graphics printed on t-shirts, longsleeves, crewnecks, and hoodies. It also includes a pair of socks, a beanie, and even a classy turtleneck longsleeve Jean-Paul Sartre would be proud of. You can buy the Öctagon stuff in our web shop and at our store from December 1.