Pasteelo – Our New Brand from Copenhagen

At this point, we’re pretty sure that the population of Copenhagen consists exclusively of fashion designers, skateboarders, models, and vintage furniture conservators – or a combination of all four, because what the heck, it’s fucking Scandinavia. They just love shoving their good taste and overall aesthetic superiority into everybody else’s ugly, poorly furnished lives. But we ain’t mad, on the contrary: if it weren’t for their influence on the industry, the European skateboarding scene would still be in the fucking stone-age, style-wise (Take a look at the most of the German skate brands, for example. Most of that shit is uglier than a sack of assholes. Most skaters, too). As a consequence, we’re happy to introduce our most recent addition, Pasteelo, a new brand from, you guessed it, Copenhagen.

In 2015, Pasteelo came into being under the supervision of athletes and artists from the skateboarding, music, and art scene. Minimalist and sporty aesthetics inform all of Pasteelo’s products, which means that they’re easy-to-wear, yet functional enough to do their job on the board. Here’s a quote from Pasteelo CEO Martin Lee: “With deep roots in skateboarding we wanted to create something that gave us the same vibes we got when we first fell in love with the game in the mid- 90’s. Pasteelo reflects the essence of who we are in all aspects of style and cultural life.“ So there you have it. Stylish people give birth to stylish clothing. There’s a saying in German for that sort of dynamic, and it’s a really ugly one (lo and behold!): The devil always shits on the biggest heap. It’s poorly translated, but you get the gist. You can buy Pasteelo at our web store and at our shop in Frankfurt, effective immediately.