Polar Skate Co. Holiday 2016 Collection

Just in time for the holidays, Polar have released a small collection comprised of a couple of t-shirts, longsleeves and a jacket. It’s a pretty straightforward collection with toned-down colors and minimalist design, just as you’d expect from Pontus Alv’s popular company. Amidst the t-shirts and the striped longsleeves, what’s standing out the most is certainly the Halberg Berber Fleece Jacket. It looks like the fur of a baby black bear (but it’s not really the fur of a baby black bear, so cool your jets bro) and it’s so comfy you don’t want to take it off ever again. Also noteworthy are the oversized gym shirts that come in a really heavy cotton to support your holiday workout – which, if you’re like us, means bumming around on the couch trying to stuff as many cookies into your face as humanly possible. Also, there’s a new Fill Logo t-shirt designed by artist AMTK that shows a guy with a cone head beneath a tree – a Christmas imp, maybe? As usual, the whole Polar collection is of outstanding quality. It’s available in store and online.