Polar Skate Co. Summer 17

Just today, we’ve received a small but nice drop from our Scandinavian friends over at Polar Skate Co. If you’re reading this blog regularly (which you should because it’s awesome) know the drill by now: Pontus Alv and his company never cease to surprise us with clever designs and all that jazz, but what’s even more important is the consistently great quality of their clothing. Seriously, the cotton fabric of the t-shirts, caps and longsleeves is astounding for a skateboarding company (which is not to say that everything else is shit, but Polar really knocks it out of the park again and again). And don’t even get us started on the details. Just look at the striped rib tee – look at it, will you? And then buy it, it’s the goddamn weekend and when you’re out with your friends doing fun things, the least you can do is look nice. You can buy the new Polar stuff from today both online and at our store in Frankfurt.