Polar Skate Co. Train Banks Spot Collection

The Train Banks spot (TBS) is probably one of the most ambitious DIY skate spots to come out of Malmö, Sweden. It certainly is the most well-known. Roughly 100 meters of banks, ledges and quarters string together on a narrow path between train tracks and industrial-fence. The spot’s high profile outside of Sweden is tightly woven to the popularity of local company Polar Skate Co. and the company’s skate video output in which the Train Banks are prominently featured. Also, Polar’s founder Pontus Alv considerably helped in building TBS. As it’s the case with many DIY spots, TBS have a distinct vibe that you won’t experience in officially constructed skate parks. Now, Polar Skate Co. pays homage to one of the most legendary hide outs in Sweden – hell, in Europe – with a dedicated capsule collection. The collection’s aesthetic is informed by US work wear, so expect a lot of heavy-duty fabrics and generous fits. It’s a fittingly rough collection for a rough skate spot. You can buy the Polar Skate Co. Train Banks collection both online and at our store in Frankfurt.