Polar Skate Co. x Converse CONS – Jack Purcell

Polar Skate Co. and Converse CONS have been in love for such a long time now that everyone’s already wondering when they’re finally gonna get married, settle down, and pop out some kids that’ll do Shuvits on the lawn all day. Seriously, there haven been more Polar x Converse collaborations to date than IKEAS in fucking Sweden, or so it appears. Well, it’s not that they’re not great, because they are. There are three colorways of the legendary Jack Purcell model available, each more awesome than the last. We think now it’s time to unite the two brands in holy matrimony and pronounce them No and Comply. Their names will be merged accordingly, we just have to come up with an appropriate version. Poverse? Colar? You go figure it out. You can buy the latest Polar x Converse collection both online or at our store in Frankfurt.