Polar Skate Co. x Très Bien

After the recent collaboration between Polar Skate Co. and Converse CONS, already follows the second collab for this year. The eclectic assortment of collaborators is usually comprised of skateboarding-related companies and artists, but this time, it’s Malmö-based Très Bien, an online shop for designer clothes. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo. Before y’all ultraconservatives wet your pants, get this: Pontus Alv met the owner of Très Bien at a bar. They drank and talked, and then they drank some more. Before long, Très Bien started to sell Polar and, long story short, they started collaborating. The resulting collection has a refreshing 70’s vibe which, if anything, is a welcome diversion from the current Eurotrash fad of cheaply made, ill-fitting garments. The collection’s sales pitch, however, is not only its look, but also its quality. Besides offering high-profile fashion brands, Très Bien has been busy designing their own collections recently. As you might expect from a fashion retailer, they don’t fuck around with fabrics and cuts. Thus, the Polar x Très Bien collaboration birthed a sartorially satisfying collection that can be worn during your next skate session. It can also be worn to your next visit at grandma’s house, without prompting old nana to backwards somersault down the stairs. You can buy the Polar x Très Bien collection both online and at our store in Frankfurt from August 15.