Post Details – Korvlover

Prostate cancer sucks. Wait, before you head over to 9Gag thinking, “I didn’t come here to face the sad reality of life! I came here to be entertained! After all, the Internet is supposed to be fun and shit!”, hear us out. Having prostate cancer is not funny. Besides causing infertility and erectile dysfunction, you can also fucking die from it, after all. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun battling prostate cancer.

That’s what Swedish brand Post Details thought to themselves when they conceived of their Korvlover capsule collection. “Korv” is Swedish for “sausage,” which in turn, is a metaphor for your little pecker. Supporting a Swedish NGO that helps battling prostate cancer, Post Details gives a shout out to everyone who likes dicks and hot dogs. The Swedish love hot dogs, as evidenced by the long lines at every IKEA restaurant, where they have freakin’ hot dog parties on a budget. We’re no strangers to the joys of eating sausages, either. Germans are known throughout the world for shoving down Bratwurst down their throats like they’re fucking Tic Tacs. You can say we’re not only korvlovers, but we’re also korv experts.

Here at Bonkers, we thought long and hard (ha-ha) about what to write for Post Detail’s Korvlover collection. We think it’s a great idea to raise awareness for a good cause. When it comes to getting people’s attention, a healthy does of saus – we mean humor, goes a long way. So please, go ahead, and send us every dick joke you know. Dick jokes are funny. When you’re still having your prostate, that is. The Korvlover collection is now available both online and at our store in Frankfurt.