R.T.CO Connect

R.T.CO was founded in 2010 by Tobias Bergmann. Initially, R.T.CO started out as a t-shirt company (R.T.CO being short for Rollo T-Shirt Company), but since everyone and their dog can print graphics on cotton shirts these days, Mr. Bergmann took his game a step further and shifted his focus to making top-notch sunglasses. Today, R.T.CO is mostly known for their superior quality shades (check them out over here), but they’re still releasing apparel every now and then. Their latest collection is inspired by the early years of mobile communication, for example. Everyone who owned a pre-smartphone Nokia cell phone will immediately recognize the graphic on the Connect tee, which Mr. Bergmann unashamedly borrowed from the Finnish company. The Dots graphic, on the other hand, is reminiscent of T-Mobile’s connection dots. Referencing age-old technology is de rigueur at the moment, and Mr. Bergmann’s capsule collection fits right in there with the PlayStation and Atari shirts that dominate the shelves of streetwear retailers from here to Albuquerque. Is it a coincidence that Nokia is re-releasing its legendary 3310 this year, emphasizing the allegedly relaxing benefits of low-tech equipment? It’s certainly not. And while we’re waiting secretly for Apple to announce the next groundbreaking iPhone, we’re more than happy to join the game of nostalgia –especially, when it’s as well-made as R.C.TO’s new collection. You can buy the R.T.CO collection both online and at our store in Frankfurt.