Rassvet (PACCBET) 8

Skateboarding: there’s hardly a subculture that suffers so severely the Peter Pan syndrome that the local carnival clubs would have to fear such formidable a competition. Impressively, Russian label Rassvet’s (PACCBET) new collection proves the unrestrained willingness of adults to dress up (and sometimes behave) like late ‘80s and early 1990s kids. Since its early collections, the skate company — which is run by Moscow local Tolia Titaev — has followed its sacred mission of creating Western late ‘80s and ‘90s fashion from the POV of folks who witnessed those times from the ruins of the Soviet Union. Thus, it’s the ironic refractions of Western elements that create the intriguing themes of Rassvet’s drops: in this latest collection, it’s clearly graffiti art, which in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s was more popular than the Opel Manta, Helmut Kohl, and tramp stamps combined, and a then-popular skate shoe company that, well, doesn’t enjoy as much notoriety, let alone popularity, today (yes, it’s Adio Footwear). The admittedly slightly re-designed logo of the latter and the former’s style thus adorn many a t-shirt and crewneck sweater. That said, several other designs will compete for your attention, as does this collection’s odd item, a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle. You can buy the new Rassvet collection at our web shop and our store in Frankfurt.