Rassvet (PACCBET) X Russell Athletic and Hi-Tec

Tolia Titaev’s and Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Moscow-based skate brand Rassvet (PACCBET in Cyrillic script) recently engaged in a cross-cultural, athleisure threesome with esteemed sportswear brands Russell Athletic (US) and Hi-Tec (UK). For the uninitiated, Russell Athletic is one of the biggest (and oldest) sportswear manufacturers in the United States of America. Hi-Tec, founded in the UK in 1974, is considerably younger but no less popular among sports equipment enthusiasts. Rassvet, Gosha Rubchinskiy’s most famous project next to his main line GR-Uniforma from Comme des Garçons, has become synonymous with the rising Russian skateboarding and fashion scene (PACCBET means “sunrise” in Russian, by the way), offering a refreshing, non-Eurocentric take on contemporary streetwear. There’s been much debate whether the 90s gym look has gotten a little stale, but we’ve gotta admit that Rassvet hit the nail on the head once again in terms of freshness: the pieces are decidedly inspired by classic American sportswear but feature just the right amount of Gosha’s creative idiosyncrasy to speak for themselves. The collection comprises the whole range of athletic garments, from sweaters and t-shirts with prominent RASSVET ATHLETIC and HI-TEC lettering to sweatpants, caps and socks. There’s even a reversible trainer jacket, complete with a built-in hoodie. On the footwear side of things, Hi-Tec contributed a pair of sneakers and  added a rather conspicuous hybrid between loafer and hiking sole. It’s probably unnecessary to note that these pieces are very limited and in high demand, so get your hands on one (or several) of them before it’s too late. You can now buy the Russell Athletic x Hi-Tec x Rassvet collection at our shop in Frankfurt (instore only).