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Altamont Apparel

Andrew “The Boss” Reynold’s brainchild does not want to fit in

Behind every brand we carry, there’s a story. A creative individual or group that wants to create something special, while staying true to their roots in skateboarding. We take delight in companies that serve the skateboard community – and this is why we are so fond of Altamont Apparel. Developed in 2006 by none other than Andrew “The Boss” Reynolds, Altamont is nearing its 10th anniversary in 2016, looking back at a history of success of what started as a simple, yet compelling idea: instead of having to wear the same skate-uniform as everybody else, Reynolds wanted to create something unique for people who don’t want to fit in with everybody else. Consequently, Altamont Apparel’s collections are very much influenced by hippie chic, “Brazilian skate park graffiti,” and come in colorful tones. Tie-dye T-shirts and heavily patterned hoodies and caps are frequent. Even the Altamont logo, a flurry writing of the brand’s name, indicates Altamont’s non-conformist attitude. If you’re old enough, you’ll probably remember Andrew Reynold’s uncompromising parts in such era-defining videos like Baker 3, This Is Skateboarding, or more recently, Emerica’s Stay Gold. Reynolds always had his own look – not only skate-wise but also sartorially. Altamont is thus very much influenced by Reynold’s own style, as well as of those styles that have inspired him. Although Altamont is a subsidiary of Sole Technology, Reynolds is involved in most of the brand’s affairs, including the designing of new collections for which he constantly comes up with new ideas. As a result, Altamont is heavily inspired not only by skateboarders, but also by artists and musicians of Reynold’s preference. Called “contributors,” Altamont supports individuals that have a signature style. Their skate team includes, among others, Neen Williams, known for his no-nonsense approach to heavy flights of stairs, Bryan Herman, a skateboarding legend of his own and The Boss himself, who’s clearly not feeling himself above skating in a pro team. On the music and artist roster, you’ll not only find contemporary contributors such as Cass McCombs or Panda Bear, but also passed away artists like Jimi Hendrix or the notorious G.G. Allin. On the arty side of Altamont, illustrious names such as Pushead are listed, who has an eclectic style of his own that matches Altamont’s overall aesthetic. You can buy Altamont Apparel both in-store and online.