Ambivalent Berlin

Street wear from Berlin, rooted in skateboarding, with an arty twist

Referring to themselves as a “Fraternity,” Ambivalent Berlin has that mysterious brotherhood vibe of an elusive secret society. Rooted in the skateboarding and street wear culture, their clothing is minimalist and dark at times. Although Ambivalent is a rather new player in the street wear game, the brand has quite a portfolio: while others are content with a small collections of T-Shirts and hoodies, Ambivalent offers caps, bucket hats, jackets and scarves, as well. One of the key pieces are a T-shirt and a hoody featuring a high density print of their symmetric AV logo, adding a much needed twist to the omnipresent backprint fad that’s so hyped right now. Speaking of symmetry, Ambivalent really has a quirk for geometrical forms, focusing on razor-sharp designs that are defined by clear lines and forms. It goes to show that Ambivalent is in line with the current zeitgeist. In addition, Ambivalent is heavily invested in the young Berlin art scene. In a promotional video that was released a couple of years ago, Ambivalent teamed up with Roberto Cuellar, a Mexican artist that has made a name for himself by creating skateable sculptures, blurring the line (if there ever was one) between skateboarding and art. Cuellar’s aim is not only to create skateable art, i.e. a piece of artwork that can be shredded to pieces, but also to incorporate the skateboarder as a part of the artwork itself. Initially focusing on single pieces, Cuellar has since moved on to create whole skateable rooms, furthering the idea of skateboarding’s immersion in art. The collaboration with Cuellar really shows Ambivalent’s approach to skateboarding. It’s not just something you do on some interchangeable surface; rather, the surface itself is transformed in the process of skating it. It goes to show that Ambivalent’s concept is more than “just another T-shirt company,” as they try to emphasize the congruity of art and skateboarding. You can buy Ambivalent Berlin both in-store and online.
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