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Although Levi Strauss & Co. was founded in San Francisco, California, Levi Strauss himself sadly didn’t live long enough to witness the emergence of skateboarding in the 1960s. Fortunately, the bright folks at Levi’s had a flash of genius when they decided to redesign the classic Levi’s models especially for skateboarding. Since millions of people already trust Levi’s denim quality, it’s no surprise that the world’s leading jeans manufacturer decided to diversify their product lines by expanding their business to sportswear. However, since Skateboarding takes a much larger toll on your clothing than, say, golfing, Levi’s has redesigned their classic shapes especially for skateboarding. When it comes to buy pants for skateboarding, two factors are of key importance: flexibility and durability. The fabric has thus to be lightweight and strong at the same time. Usually, the one comes at the expense of the other, so Levi’s had to rethink the way they construct their legwear to fit skateboarding’s high demands. In contrast to their main denim lines, Levi’s Skateboarding pants are woven with additional Cordura nylon fabric that makes the cotton of the denim stronger and more resistant to abrasion. Levi’s has also added extra stitching to their seams, decreasing the tearing of highly stressed areas such as the crotch. Since skateboarders tend to fall on their butts a lot, Levi’s has also added double-layered back pockets to their legwear, so you won’t blow your jeans on a couple of sessions. As far as flexibility goes, Levi’s also implements Lycra T4000 stretching fabric that not only allows your legs to move freely for that extra buttery steez, but also increases moisture control, allowing moisture to escape the denim. After all, who likes to be all soaked in sweat after a long session? All of Levi’s Skateboarding apparel – whether it’s jeans, chinos, hoodies, shirts or T-shirts – is built to last. Retaining the classic shapes of the 511, 504 and 513 five pocket models, Levi’s Skateboarding is also your best bet for a timeless look. You can buy Levi’s Skateboarding both in-store and online.

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