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Adidas x Palace

Winning team: Palace Skateboards and Adidas are a perfect match

Alright pal, here’s the deal. There are collabs, and then there are collabs. Some make sense, others are hardly more than quick cash-grabs that rely more on brand recognition and internet hype than on anything else. But you can trust us on this: the collaboration of Palace Skateboards and Adidas is fucking awesome. The highly acclaimed skateboarding and street wear brand Palace has joined forces with legendary sportswear manufacturer Adidas to create a unique collection of clothes and accessories that unites the best of both worlds. From a design standpoint, Adidas x Palace is heavily influenced by the latter. Frequently alluding to the history of sportswear design, Palace remains true to its signature stylization of 90s nostalgia. Additionally – and this is the humble opinion of Yours Truly – the famous Adidas stripes and Palace’s tri-ferg logo go really well together. What makes the Adidas x Palace collaboration so special, however, is not solely owed to the printing (and there is a lot of that). Effectively, both brands have more in common that you might think. Ever since Palace Skateboards came into existence, the company has repeatedly proven its fondness of sports other than skateboarding (remember the Palace football?). Balancing on the thin line that separates street wear from sportswear, Palace has always found a way to do both, without tipping over. On the other side of the equation, you have Adidas, a globally best-selling sportswear company that approaches its 70th birthday. Its vast experience in crafting clothing that endure athletic activities is what really ties this collaboration together. Essentially, this means that every sweater, T-Shirt, pair of sneakers, jacket or tracking suit of the Adidas x Palace collaboration receives Adidas’ expert treatment. But it’s not only a matter of providing the best comfort possible wearing any of those items. Considering Palace Skateboards’ rainy homeland, it’s no wonder that the company has an interest in producing clothing that withstands harsh weather conditions. Adidas’ supreme quality, attention to detail and established technology ensure that you’re not getting wet while roaming the urban jungle or attending a football match. You can buy Palace x Adidas both in store and online.