TPDG Supplies

Skateboarding apparel straight out of Hessen, Germany

You know, it’s hard to buy pants. Especially for skateboarding. They need to be flexible yet durable, they’ll have to look good, and they must not cost a fortune. Among all those clothing companies out there only very few offer decent pants suitable for skateboarding, making the task of hunting down a pair exceptionally tiresome. At least that’s what Danny Sommerfeld thought. In fact, Sommerfeld is often quoted to have a quirk for pants, being extremely aware of the design and features every good pair of pants should have. Founding TPDG Supplies in 2010, Sommerfeld aimed to produce the perfect pants for skateboarders. TPDG, should you ask, is an acronym for Top Dog which in turn is one of Danny Sommerfeld’s monikers. Whether you’re looking for five pocket denim or chinos, TPDG Supplies Co. has got you covered. The five pockets come in three shapes – slim, tapered and regular – while chinos are available in slim and regular. All pants have an elastane component, assuring maximum flexibility. Although their focus clearly rests on pants, TPDG has expanded its business to other apparel as well. Thus, TPDG also offers T-shirts, hoodies, coach jackets, caps, beanies and even gloves (yes, it gets cold in Hessen in the winter). Their logo, TPDG GANG in stylized graffiti typo, refers to skateboarding’s culture where crews form the equivalent to street gangs, each crew having their own approach to skateboarding and hence their own insignias. It’s no surprise, then, that Sommerfeld’s company involves the same individuals he skates with, giving TPDG the valuable asset of short distances: those who develop the pants can test them right away. TPDG supports young skateboarding talent from Germany, including Kai Hillebrand, Kalle Wiehn, Ben Wessler, Valentin Cafuk, Felix Lensing and the founder himself, Danny Sommerfeld. You can buy TPDG Supplies both in-store and online.

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