(Sommer) by Danny Sommerfeld

At Bonkers, we love the region of Nothern Hesse. It’s less troublesome, less hectic, and infinitely more peaceful than our bustling metropolitan area. And that’s not just us. Even back in, like, medieval times, Hessian royalty would travel the bumpy roads to Northern Hesse to seek refuge in its green, lush meadows and to relax from subjugating their peasants. In short: Northern Hesse is in the middle of nowhere; it’s where the word “Hinterland” was invented. But that doesn’t stop local skateboarders to go and shred their village’s municipal center or whatever, and to have prolific skateboarding careers. Sometimes, they’re even more successful than their elitist big city counterparts. Case in point: our good friend Danny Sommerfeld. As a young Kassel local, Sommerfeld quickly made a name for himself as one of the region’s best skateboarders. Later, he took a stab at fashion with the foundation of TPDG. And now, Sommerfeld’s even launched his own board company, aptly called Sommer. And before you think, man, not another board company from some old dude who can’t get over the fact that he’s not ripping and tearing anymore, hear us out: first, Danny Sommerfeld will fuck your shit up any day of the week, no questions asked. Second, all the decks are hand-painted by Danny himself. Yes, you read that right: hand-fucking-painted. Each one. Let it sink in. Next time you’re getting lost in the Hinterland, be aware that these folks mean business. You can buy Sommer both at our web store and at our shop in Frankfurt.