Spitfire Formula Four Wheels

Are you having trouble concentrating on your tricks because your wheels sound like a discarded Soviet T-40 tank? Are you and your friends embarrassed by the rattling of your substandard polyurethane? Well, we’ve got just thing to help you out: Spitfire Wheels’ Formula Four. It’s been around for a while, sure, but we believe it’s never too late to appeal to reason: For Chrissake, yourselves some decent wheels! There are three shapes to choose from: first, the Classic shape which is your go-to choice for technical street skating. Second, the Conical shape which gives you a wider riding surface and thus more board control when you’re bombing down those hills. Third, there’s the asymmetrical Lock-In shape, and it does exactly that – it locks you into the grind. Whatever shape you choose, you won’t have to deal with those pesky flat spots anymore, and war veterans won’t have to duck and cover  because they mistake the rattling sound of your wheels for a German machine gun nest. You can buy Spitfire Formula Four wheels both at our webshop and at our store in Frankfurt.

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