Staple Design for Nike SB The Black Pigeon Dunk

We’re no ornithologists, but even we know that there are beautiful pigeon races out there, in the wild, far away from subway tunnels, ledges, KFC food scraps, and so forth. In the city, on the other hand, pigeons are more akin to sewer rats, except for their wings, which makes their urban existence even more disturbing. There is an S-Bahn stop in Frankfurt-Gallus that is particularly haunted by pigeons, to the extent that it always looks like it’s winter – but it ain’t snow on the ground, it’s fucking pigeon shit.

Leave it to Nike SB and Jeff Staples, founder of NYC-based design agency slash fashion label Staple Design, to dedicate a Dunk to the roaches of the air. In 2005, the Nike Dunk Low SB “Pigeon” was released at The Reed Space in the Bowery, NYC. It was one of the more memorable releases in sneaker history (what a ridiculous term, by the way): sneaker enthusiasts rioted, noses were broken, police officers intervened. All because of the limited Pigeon Dunk. It’s exhaustive to argue the sanity of sneakerheads, so we won’t even start. It’s an exercise in futility, anyway.

Since Nike SB is having a good run re-releasing old models from back in the day, it’s not really surprising that they’re going back to the infamous Pigeon Dunk, as well. And before there sneaker know-it-alls among you start shouting “But this is not a 15 Years of Dunk release, get your facts straight!”, we say: get a life, nobody gives a fuck. This time, anyway, the shoe’s black, instead of greyish, and now it also has a black swoosh, but the sole’s color is still matching a pigeon’s foot. Yummy.  It’s a great looking shoe, and it will most certainly be sold out quickly, so we hope you guys bring your crowbars, knives, Glocks, M60s, and rocket launchers to the release date, ‘cause we’d sure love some free publicity. Let’s see if we can make it to the 8 o’clock news, shall we? You can buy the new Nike SB Dunk Low “Pigeon” from November 11 both online and at our store in Frankfurt.


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