Stussy Summer 2019

Everyone’s favorite youth-at-heart surf slash skateboarding juggernaut from the 80s Stussy makes a prominent return this season to bring you a fuckton of colorful, skate-ready summer items – and boy howdy, where to start with this one? There’s a lotta stuff, so let’s address the standouts: headlining this collection is a trippy jaguar-printed zip-up windbreaker jacket that’s black in the front and leapord in the back. On colder nights, a purple mock neck sweater will keep you warm and comfy, while the Carnation t-shirt has a flowery back print that’s just waiting to be shredded during extended summer skate sessions. Also, worth paying attention to is the nice racing-inspired graphic featured on the International Corp. tee. If this drop doesn’t make you hyped for summer you’re probably already dead. You can buy the new Stussy collection from May 20th at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.