The Adidas Na-Kel Smith Collection

While Supreme and Adidas rider Na-Kel Smith’s last signature Matchchourt RX colorway looked like Prince got caught in footwear vulcanizing machine, his latest Matchcourt edition is substantially more subtle. Na-Kel’s new Matchcourt RX3 features a white canvas upper and a reinforcing leather band covering the lower third of the upper. It’s only accentuating color are black and red strips on the outsole and heel. In addition, there’s some dollar signs and a smile embroidered on the tongue. Accompanying the RX3’s special Na-Kel colorway is a t-shirt and a short which we really can’t say anything about, so we’ll just say it’s there, for whoever wants it. Whatever floats your boat, we guess. You can buy the new Adidas Skateboarding Na-Kel Smith collection both at our web store and at our shop in Frankfurt from March 10.