The Adidas X Hélas Capsule Collection

Ok, so here’s a sentence we never thought we’d say one day: Skateboarding and tennis are not too different from one another. You read that right. Maybe it’s because we’re rich and famous now, but back when we started skateboarding, there was no way we’d wear white polo shirts and shoes named “Matchcourt.” However, now that we’re thinking about it while we’re counting the bubbles in our champagne and smearing caviar onto toast all day, we’ve come to realize that tennis and skateboarding share some similarities we’d never dared to admit when we were poor. Think about it: they’re both individual sports, they’re both way more fun outside, and they allow adults to wear shorts without looking like complete jackasses.

So without further ado, let’s give it up for Adidas and Hélas because they’re among the very few companies that get the tennis-skateboarding hybrid look on point – if it weren’t for them, we’d have to skate in our beloved Gucci loafers and Hermès scarfs, which would look quite silly, now wouldn’t it? Their new collaboration consists of an all-white polo, a t-shirt, two caps, a tracksuit and Matchcourt sneakers, all of which are accentuated by green Adidas stripes. Finally, rich people are allowed into skateboarding, which is good for us, because this business is essentially a money printing machine. And now, if you excuse us, we have a horse race to attend. You can buy the Adidas Skateboarding x Hélas Cap collection from Friday, May 5, both online and at our store in Frankfurt (Goethestraße).