Vans Drill Chore Coat

When skaters speak about why they love skateboarding so much, they often say it’s because skateboarding is a creative activity. When non-skaters are asked why they hate skateboarding so much, they often reply it’s because skateboarding tends to fuck shit up in as rackety a way as possible. Curbs, hand rails, people’s driveways – nothing’s spared. Now, alongside issuing their new Drill Chore Coat, Vans has finally embraced the destructive potential of skateboarding in an official press statement: “The life of skateboarder thrives on destruction (sic)”. There we have it. Screw those artsy types that think skateboarding creates something: a skateboard does whatever the fuck your feet tell it to do (although honestly sometimes it kinda doesn’t), and more often than not, that involves introducing cold metal to hard concrete. Now, Vans’ Chore coat was designed to help you with that. It’s made from, like, military-grade cotton (Cordura) and Space Teflon that keeps the elements out while you roll up to that 20 stair, and it’s sturdy enough to protect your skin once you’re slamming into the ground two seconds later. In addition, the Drill Chore Coat looks pretty darn sleek and will sure smarten up your outfit. So stop thinking y’all are artists and toughen up, embrace your inner wrecking ball, and check out this bad boy. You can buy the Vans Drill Chore Coat at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.

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