Vans X Lotties

Mike Gigliotti, owner of tiny but popular LA skateshop Lotties, will not, by all accounts, take any shit whatsoever. For instance, he has a strong disdain for “territorial” surfer dudes, “kooked-out vegans” that want to save the world but can’t stop doing blow on weekends, and kids that take hours to grip a fucking board. He can’t be commended enough for calling out skaters who only skate with headphones on, because let’s be honest, y’all look like dull-witted, ignorant dorks. Besides the hate, he loves one thing: skateboarding. And if you think Bonkers is a crew of insufferably vain fucks, you should get a load of this guy. Which is why we like him. Now, Mike has teamed up with Vans to release a collection of Lotties co-branded models, including the Era Pro and the Sk8-Hi Pro. Both shoes are designed to account for the shop’s down-to-earth philosophy. The Era Pro, then, is coming in an interesting red and military green colorway, while the Sk8-Hi Pro is combines an intense blue with subtle scribbles referencing Mike’s skate shop. The collection also comprises a black t-shirt and a white longsleeve, both featuring large back prints of bespoke illustrations. If you’re in LA, make sure to drop by Lotties. Just Google search “10 Things I Hate with Mike Gigliotti” before you do. You can buy the Vans x Lotties Skate Shop collection at our web shop and our store in Frankfurt.