Vans X Pop Trading Company

Amsterdam-based skateboarding collective Pop Trading Company recently teamed up with Vans to design a bunch of pretty decent-looking kicks. The collection consists of three pairs: a blue corduroy Chukkah Pro, a white Style 36, and a hairy suede Agah in bordeaux. None of those models flooded the market in the last years, that’s for sure, so it’s nice to see somebody appreciate Vans’ rich shoe legacy. While most are probably familiar with the Chukkah Pro, and even the Style 36, an older version of the Old Skool, many have never seen the Agah, named after pro skater and SOTY 1993 Salman Agah. Starting off as a member of the infamous Powell Peralta gang, which included Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Ray Barbee, and Tommy Guerrero, Salman Agah made substantial contributions to skateboarding. For instance, he was one of the first skateboarders to take switch stance seriously. After he disappeared from the limelight, Agah worked closely with Eric Koston and Steve Berra on The Berrics. Long story short, the guy’s what skateboarders love to call a “certified legend,” so check out his pro model while you’re here. Also, this information might come in handy for our first-ever Skateboarding Bar Quiz held in celebration of the release. In essence, the Pop Trading Company dug up some of Vans’ best models, and we’re looking forward to the release on December 8, 2018. You can buy the collection both at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.