Vans X Supply Chima Pro 2 aka. the pride in being ugly

There’s a certain pride in being aesthetically challenged. It’s a gruesomely superficial world, alright, and being less attractive initially places you closer to the bottom of the pecking order – aesthetically, at least. Once you’ve accepted your unfortunate looks as an inseparable part of yourself, however, you can start holding your head up high: you don’t care about superficiality, or about how others may look at you, or about the conventions of beauty and all that ephemeral shit. All you care about are the things you can achieve, regardless of your looks. Life’s about performance, after all. That’s the advice we’re giving to whomever designed this Vans x Supply Chima Ferguson Pro 2, at least. It’s either someone working with Vans or with Supply all the way at the other side of the globe in Sydney, Australia, but we don’t know, nor do we really care. It’s a well-performing shoe, thanks to its Duracap reinforcement and the Ultracush 3D insoles. But let’s not talk about the looks: it’s the personal qualities that count. You must know that. That’s what you keep telling the ladies all your life. Does it work, by the way? Asking for a friend. You can buy the Vans X Supply Chima Ferguson Pro 2 Shoe at our web store and at our shop in Frankfurt from tomorrow the 19th of May 2018.