Vans X Yardsale

Despite the Brexit heading our way like a headless chicken, British skate brands really show no sign of stopping. After all, they could all be like “Fuck this, we’re moving to American Samoa and become pearl divers or whatever, ‘cause that’s actually more likely to happen than this Brexit thing going over well!” But nope, they’re staying right where they are. And for the time being we’re glad that they do, because if it weren’t for them, European skateboarding would lose a ton of great talent that help define a whole generation. Take Yardsale, for instance. Relatively new to the game, brands like Yardsale carry the torch of European skateboarding, and we already dread the day we’ll have to jump through the hoops of international trade laws just to get their stuff to Germany. In any case, the South London-based company just teamed up with Vans to release a small collection of two pairs of shoes, an Authentic Pro LTD and an Epoch Pro LTD. The design is clearly inspired by LA skateboarding in the 70’s, evoking the renegade spirit of the Dogtown Boys. The shoes are all-suede, and feature Vans’ signature Pro technology. A great package you don’t want to miss. You can buy the Yardsale x Vans collection at our webshop and at our store in Frankfurt for Saturday December 22.