Wayward London

If there’s only one rule in skateboarding, this has got to be it: everybody is always more fucking gnarly/stoned/drunk than anybody else. It’s kinda funny that in skateboarding, a sport cherished by many for its inherent carelessness and life-celebrating spirit, superlatives of tense badassery are found pretty much everywhere from hillbilly troglodytes skating in plaid cargo shorts and tight t-shirts to hip middle class city skaters wearing purple track suits and dealer bags. At second glance, it becomes evident that being more hardcore than anybody else results in the accumulation of socio-cultural capital, which in turn helps to distinguish oneself from others. At any rate, the case is clear: a hardcore image requires hard work.   

Except if you’re from some ramshackle South London neighborhood, in which case you don’t have to worry about not coming across as one grumpy-ass motherfucker. Skating in the UK is undoubtedly challenging, thanks to near-constant rain and ubiquitous CCTV, so we can’t blame the Palace Wayward Boys Choir (PWBC) to hate on California’s sundrenched skateboarding. Pissed off by the high-definition videos from the West Coast that in no way related to their own skate experience, the PWBC showcased a different skateboarding: rough, low res, and mostly edited to Grime, they practically invented a new aesthetic of skateboarding cinematography. Mostly known for their immensely successful company Palace Skateboards, the PWBC is the point of reference to many European skateboarders’ self-perception. Lesser known is the relatively new spin-off Wayward London, headed by PWBC’s Daniel “Snowy” Kinloch and James Edson. Founded in 2017, Wayward London (not to be confused with Wayward Wheels) produces monochromatic street wear and decks with intriguing graphics, featuring crazy geometric forms and weird, almost trippy illustrations. It’s thus the go-to brand for any distinguished skateboarder who wants a slice from that sweet South London badassery. You can buy Wayward London both at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.

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