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Have you ever tried to explain what’s so great about skateboarding to someone who doesn’t skate? It’s hard to convey in words why we love skateboarding so much, isn’t it? This is because we need more than words: we need images. And every once in a while a video releases that seems to give us a proper image of skateboarding. A video that hits all the right notes and expresses what skateboarding can be all about. Such a video — or rather, a series of videos — are the Boys of Summer edits put together by videographer Jeff Kutter. Titled after Don Henley’s 1984 hit of the same name, the Boys of Summer videos feature a massive cast of international skaters. From unknowns to superstars and from filmers to girlfriends, they perform tricks, engage in ridiculous shenanigans, and have an absolute blast doing it. Interrupted by snippets of Hollywood movies (such as The Breakfast ClubThe Big Lebowski, and xXx), sports events, and non-skateboarding pursuits the boys of summer engage in, both Boys of Summer 1 + 2 trace skateboarding and the good times, as well as the sport’s opening toward pop culture. Accompanying the visuals is a terrific soundtrack that includes the titular Henley track and features a diverse assortment of hits like Steve Winwood’s Higher Love and UB40’s Red Red Wine. The soundtrack contributes significantly to the easygoing vibe of both videos and is instantly mixtape-able (seriously, somebody should make a playlist on Spotify or wherever). Much like the Hollywood films, the aforementioned clips are taken from, Boys Of Summer 1 + 2 are skateboarding’s feel-good movies. In the time since their respective releases, the Boys Of Summer name has transformed into a brand — and it just so happens that we’re carrying its latest release. The collection, called “Lifestyle Directions,” includes several t-shirts, hoodies, and hats that freely use well-known brands as, uh, inofficial collaboration partners. It’s bootlegged, alright, but it possesses enough ironic refraction to be its own thing. At least that’s what we think. And seriously, where are you gonna get a Predator 2 cap or a 7up hoodie? Exactly. Get all of the Boys of Summer good stuff before the cease and desist at our web shop and our store in Frankfurt.


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