Welcome Chaos Fishing Club!

Japanese culture is known for embracing foreign fashions and influences while retaining its deeply-rooted sense for perfection: Japan, for instance, is home to some of the best whisky distilleries, a domain commonly associated with the Irish. The weaving of denim, to cite another example, usually as American as apple pie, has been mastered by Japanese tailors who bought defunct looms from US garment makers in the noughties. In short, they know what the fuck they’re doing. We’re thus proud to introduce Tokyo-based company Chaos Fishing Club, our first-ever Japanese skate brand. Notoriously sold out at major retailers, CFC blends traditional craftsmanship with postmodern designs: hand-printed in Japan, their t-shirts, hoodies and longsleeves carry nonchalant messages, such as “Das Leben ist wie eine Lotterie.” Exactly: the messages are in German, the most postmodern language there is. It’s a prime example of Japanese embracement of different cultures: CFC’s founder apparently spent some time in Germany, and lo and behold, liked it very much. Inspired by the sound of German, he proceeded to print German sentences on his hand-made collections, or so the story goes. It sounds a bit fishy, to be honest. But then again, they’re calling themselves Chaos Fishing Club. You can buy CFC at our web store and at our shop in Frankfurt.

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