Welcome GX1000

If you didn’t spend the last couple of weeks under a rock in the New Mexican desert, the name GX1000 probably rings a bell or two. San Francisco’s most infamous skate crew is a wild, heterogeneous bunch skateboarders, united by their insatiable thirst for breakneck speed and death-defying hill bombs. Watching their latest video Roll Up is not only one of the most nail-biting experiences you’ll have all year, it’s also a great showcase of unrestrained skateboarding hardly expressible in words. It’s some thirty-odd minutes of SF hill-bombing, wall-riding, and death-cheating, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. While GX1000 has meddled in the fashion game before, they’ve never released any decks until now. Working with artist Michael St. John, GX1000 just released a couple of decks pressed by custom skateboard manufacturer PS Stix, and we can already see them selling out faster than Seth Greene bombing down St. Dolores St. Well, maybe not that fast, but y’all catch our drift. You can buy GX1000 decks and apparel both at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.