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Ok so naming your brand „Iggy“ comes with a major technical issue. If people don’t know what your brand is all about, they’re gonna google it, and guess what Google’s gonna spit out: news about Iggy Pop and concert tickets for Iggy Azalea, go figure. Their brand recognition alone is sufficient to SEO the living daylights out of you unless you’re some level 50 Google Wizard or whatever. Yours Truly actually had to click on the SECOND PAGE of Google to get some useful information about Iggy, the skate brand from New York City. We all know what the second page of Google is: it’s the deportation camp of the Internet. People just disappear.

On the other hand, typing in “Iggy skate nyc” immediately conjures up the right results, and it’s up to you to decide if Yours Truly was just incapable of using Google correctly or whether they couldn’t really come up with a better introduction than to just rant anonymously about a company that is actually pretty cool. Alright, let’s get on topic already: Iggy, the skate brand, was founded by NYC-based filmmaker, artist, and skateboarder Jack Greer (go check out his work, it’s great – and probably worth another blog post altogether) in 2016. That the company’s eponym is Jack’s husky is indicative of his nonchalant, considerate, down-to-earth attitude – an attitude we imagine to see expressed in his work, as well. Jack’s tongue-in-cheek designs mirror is spectrum as an artist and range from cartoon-like illustrations, some evocative of Robert Crumb (without the depraved insanity), to graffiti prints, to skillful etchings. Iggy’s scope is very broad, and it’s his thematic versatility that we find impressive: many of his drawings are funny, but others are downright depressing. All Google jokes aside, Iggy is a fresh, likeable brand that’s retained its levity in an industry that, in large parts, is less fun that anal leakage but twice as annoying. If you’re looking for great graphics, novel designs, and a shit ton of street credibility, Iggy’s your go-to brand. You can buy Iggy both at our web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.

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