Welcome Paper Work NYC

With Paper Work NYC, the newest addition to our ever-expanding portfolio, we bring you something a little different from what you’d expect to find at a skate shop. Operating at the intersection of fan zines, art book publishing, and fashion, Paper Work NYC is a NY-based creative community that promotes both young and established artists from all walks of life. Their collaborations are highly unpredictable, and range from designing a pop-up store with esteemed high fashion brand Helmut Lang to creating capsule collections with punk metal bands. It’s not a skate brand, mind you, but seeing as the boundaries between art and skateboarding continue to dissolve (if there even were any to begin with), Paper Work NYC really mirrors our own attitude towards creativity. That said, there’s a spiritual kinship between Paper Work NYCand skateboarding: both place high importance on materiality – in case of the former, it’s the tactility and expressiveness of physical paper, in case of the latter it’s the actuality and material directness of wood that is the condition of its possibility. You can buy Paper Work NYC at our online shop and at our store in Frankfurt.