Welcome Paradis3

You’ve probably noticed that several new brands have found their way into our shop in 2019, and there’s yet another one we got for you: Paradis3 NYC, courtesy of Fucking Awesome pro skater Sean Pablo. Pablo, whom you might remember from last year’s Supreme video “Blessed”, started the company in 2015. The brand is experimenting with various icons from the last 50 years of pop culture, such as Mickey Mouse giving Buggs Bunny a doobie (which is legal in some parts of the States, unlike Germany, as we still have to go on a trip to Amsterdam). There’s Bart, writing down the way to paradise on blackboard three hundred times. Minnie Mouse also gets her fair share, because of course she does. Yet, Paradis3’s clothes are never over the top but rather have a classic vintage look. Coated in thick layers of irony, the brand introduces a little cynicism to the happy camper skateboarding industry. That being said, the designs are never too outrageous, so even people with white-picket-fences may be able to smile at them. In short, we are happy to have Paradis3 in our brand portfolio. You can find the newest collection in our web shop or at our store in Frankfurt.