Welcome Peels

The newest addition to our ever-expanding brand portfolio Peels, is on a mission to make American work wear great again. And it’s not a marketing stunt, either: founder Jerome Peel’s dad runs a house-painting company that goes by the same name, so making work wear comes naturally to Mr. Peel, Jr. In an interview with Teen Vogue, Peel disclosed that he had worn a Peels shirt “every day for two years,” which is a good indicator of the guy’s dedication for his brand – and a testament to its quality. Operating out of New York’s infamous Canal Street, Peel and his partner are sewing on all patches and handcraft each and every embroidery themselves. In addition, Peels has strong ties in the NYC skateboarding scene, the members of which cherish the company’s hard-wearing yet easy-going clothing. You can buy Peels at out web shop and at our store in Frankfurt.